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Brand Gap Analysis – Could Your Business Use One?

Although you may not be familiar with the term, a brand gap analysis just might be something that could elevate your online exposure.

brand analysis gap

Many businesses are not familiar with a brand gap analysis. 

A brand gap analysis is a strategic tool used to evaluate the current state of a brand and identify areas of improvement. It involves comparing the brand’s current position and perception in the market with its desired position and perception. This includes identifying the gaps between where your brand currently stand from a market reach standpoint and where you would like for it to be.

When you engage in the process of using a brand gap analysis as a marketing tool, this typically involves the following critical  steps:

  1. Define the brand’s current position:

         This involves evaluating the brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities,     
         and threats. This information can be gathered through customer 
         feedback, market research, and competitor analysis.

  2. Identify the desired brand position: 

      It’s imperative that you define the brand’s vision, mission, and values. This type of

       information can be gathered through stakeholder interviews and 

       analysis of the brand’s current marketing strategy.

  3. Analyzing the brands gaps: 

       Analyzing the brand’s gaps involves identifying the gaps between the brand’s current and desired 

       positions. This can be done by evaluating the brand’s messaging, 

       branding, customer experience, and overall market positioning.

4. Developing a plan to bridge the gaps: 

By developing a comprehensive plan to bridge the gaps identified in the analysis, you are well on your way to moving your exposure forward. This plan may include adjustments to the brand’s messaging, branding, marketing strategy, and customer experience.

Use this type of analysis as a useful tool for defining more clarity for your businesses or organization. Evaluate your brand’s position in the market and identify areas for improvement. 

By understanding their current position and the gaps between their current and desired positions, businesses can develop effective strategies to bridge those gaps and improve their brand’s overall performance.

Maybe it’s time to take a closer look at your brand’s performance by using a brand gap analysis.