The benefits of using Twitter marketing for business are clear. But where do you begin? If you’re wondering what it takes to get started with Twitter, consider a few of these factors.

Twitter marketing is a real time communication medium that businesses can use to search and monitor real-time conversations about your brand. This can help your marketing and management teams see exactly what people are  saying about your company or brand. This can also make your brand relevant RIGHT NOW.

Marketing on the Twitter channel can contribute to recognizing gaps in product or service offerings as well. Many use Twitter as a tool for detecting product and service issues early before they become significant concerns.

Businesses using Twitter’s conversion tracking are also able to tie purchases on their website to users who were referred through strategic Tweets associated with Twitter Ad campaigns.

To do this, unique conversion tags are placed on their purchase confirmation pages. When a user reaches that page, the tag reports the purchase to Twitter and matches it back to a specific Twitter marketing campaign. This data helps connect promoted Tweets to actual purchases. This form of tracking provides a better understanding to online marketers who have Twitter campaigns that drive sales. This also provides your company with in-depth metrics to calculate return on af spend on the Twitter social channel.

Additional Benefits of Twitter:
  • Increase brand awareness

  • Keep up with the latest trends in your industry

  • Promote your blog content, videos, presentations, etc.

  • Boost your website SEO

  • Drive website traffic

  • Get instant feedback about your products and/or services

  • Increase the reach and impact of your PR initiatives

  • Gather real-time competitive intelligence

  • Support your recruiting efforts by connecting directly with potential employees

  • Gain direct access to high profile individuals


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