Private portals extend your web site’s functionality to create private and secure areas that are uniquely permissioned to particular clients, vendors and members. Structured seamlessly and intuitively for both you and your clients these portals are developed to be used comfortably within your web framework. Use the power of the web to strengthen your relationships with prospects and clients.


Development 90%
Design 80%
Deployment 70%


Security for Protected Client Exchanges, Increased Branding, Communication Flexibility

Featured Uses:

  • Easily use secure web portals to assign each of your new clients a private area of your site to view and comment on their projects
  • 100% support for photographic galleries to allow for easy and private posting of your photos
  • Privately post invoices on the Client’s Page, and even custom coded payment links that are meant specifically for that client
  • Real Estate professionals can create a Property Pages for each property with details of the property and display photos.
  • Segment specific market targets that indicate their interests like : “Under 200K” or “Waterfront only” or “school districts”
  • Assign permissions to the Property Pages according to the targeted markets who would be interested in specific properties.
  • Manage employees by creating unique logins for each employee, still retaining the flexibility to create pages for all employees
  • Post schedules, policies, forms, PDFs, etc… for all or a group of employees with full or limited access
  • Super flexible design allows assignment permissions to files, pages & resources according to individual or group needs
  • Private web portals are specifically designed to permit ease of use by either a “techy” or “not-so-techy” managers

Learn how to use your web site more efficiently

Expand the capabilities and your communication processes to establish better relationships with your clients. Many businesses simply use their web site as an electronic bulletin board providing basic information about their organization. Discover the ease and functionality of expanding your web site’s capabilities.

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