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Pinterest Branding

Technical Marketing Skill-Sets: Graphic Design, Strategic Copy, Relationship Management

Pinterest can be a highly effective online marketing channel when used for acquisition and targeted branding. It doesn’t hurt that it also helps bolster your social signals for increasing search engine rankings on key search engines. In fact, it’s one of the online channels that is increasing in popularity daily.

Here’s a few benefits of using Pinterest as a marketing channel to enhance your online presence:

  • Pinterest is a sizable platform to reach a large and diverse audience
  • Investing in Pinterest pays off both short-term and long-term
  • Pinners are frequently open to your marketing and branding
  • Pinners tend to add more items to shopping carts
  • Pinterest influences purchase as well as branding sentiment
  • Pinterest helps inform you of emerging buyer and prospecting trends
  • Pinners tend to have more purchasing power than non-Pinners
  • Pinterest drives significant referral traffic for a long period of time
  • Pinterest can help your brand fit into a diverse and wide audience
  • People sometimes check their Pins while shopping in your online or offline store

This is particularly true for sites with captivating and interesting images. Especially if they are used throughout your website

Small and medium sized businesses have started to see the value in Pinterest marketing. Take for example graphic artists, photographers, interior designers and fashion designers, they are able to create storyboards showcasing their work. They have the freedom to display their work using their creativity, personal style and personality creating fantastic portfolios that can be seen and shared by other Pinterest users. If you haven’t considered deploying a full scale Pinterest marketing campaign you may be missing out on important branding opportunities.

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