Client: ANY

Task Focus: Strategic Keyword Research 

Sub-Focus: Demographics & Segmentation

Keyword Research & A/B Split Testing
Keyword research is vital to generating targeted leads online. Though not as important as it was in past years, it remains a vital element of the lead generation process. Gathering highly accurate, abundant, and relevant keyword data research is no easy task when done correctly.

Keywords that generate strong interest in your brand and promote purchase intent are crucial to brand relevancy. You can just about bet; your audience is already using them to search for products and services that are relevant to your success.

Insure that you are using the proper keywords and keyword phrases in your copy, product pages, vendor comparisons, price sheets, and other online content. As you create diversified content, target the keywords that are being used by people who are ready to engage with your brand.

Indiscriminately creating and publishing content doesn’t mean the online lead generation will improve. While sharing relevant content is important, publishing content that specifically speaks to your target audience is more important. There is simply no way to gain a clear understanding of this without performing keyword research.

This means every piece of content published at every stage of your online sales funnel must be search engine optimized and user relevant. The words and phrases used in your online material must coincide with each unique buyer’s journey.

keyword-researchTracking keywords by volume and relevance in a number of different market segments can be daunting and challenging task.

Learn how to optimize your web traffic and conversions by creating quality content around niche concepts.

Relevant keyword phrases that target relevant audiences can contribute to your increased exposure. Increase your monthly targeted traffic and attract qualified conversions based on qualified research that guides your content development efforts.

Discover how to use keywords in today’s online environment in new and effective ways. 

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