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The Digital Handshake

Does Your Web Presence Contribute To Business Revenue?

Here at NuClix Digital Marketing we consider the phrase “initial digital handshake” as an interesting yet pivotal term.

It’s the first meaningful action a user takes when they encounter your brand online.

It’s the top of your online sales funnel. Without it, nothing else happens, regardless of how great your website looks.

No clicks, no leads, no sales, no meaningful digital exchanges… nothing. To be successful online your business will most likely need many “initial digital handshakes”.

A great looking website typically contributes to this all important action. Though a contributing factor, rarely is your website the ONLY thing that ultimately contributes to online sales, conversions, new online leads, not even the all too important initial digital handshake.

The competitive nature of today’s business environment requires a detailed, diverse, complete and well-executed web presence. That web presence should be backed by a network of well-designed, well tested systems. A rock solid digital marketing plan should define the functionality of those systems and the goals they represent.

Discover how your business can benefit from a comprehensive web strategy that includes all of the online real estate you own today and the online portals you’ll need tomorrow.

See how balancing effective cross-platform brand amplification and aesthetic design helps attract relevant users. Use tightly related systems to help place new leads in the best possible position within your overall sale funnel.

These are the types of systems we help clients develop. Functional online systems that are designed to help you generate new leads and ultimately new revenue.


Did you know that B2B buyers are 57 percent  of the way through the buying process by the time they engage with a sales rep. or company official? Research also shows B2C consumers consult user-generated content and online reviews before ever considering a purchase.


Most Businesses Need To Gain The Attention of Relevant Online Audiences.
(as early in the sales process as possible…)
This holds true whether you are building your initial online presence or whether you’re simply upgrading your current website.

Maybe it’s time to take a closer look at how your organization can build a formidable online presence that truly contributes to your business goals. Maybe it’s time for a fresh perspective and approach. Create a web presence that produces new leads and continually cultivates new business relationships.

Move your online presence beyond a great “looking” website and a few social media pages. Discover new customers by engaging with relevant audiences across different platforms. Encourage users to engage with your brand in new and different ways.

Amplify your brand and online sentiment effectively and consistently online. Use your online marketing network in ways that contribute to revenue generation 24/7… day in and day out.

Work with our team of certified web marketing professionals to deploy a complete online marketing network for your business. See how systematically attracting qualified prospects and guiding them to the proper position within your larger sales funnel impacts your business.

Developing, deploying and managing a complete web presence that adequately addresses your target market can be a daunting task.

Contact NuClix Digital Marketing and schedule an initial fact finding & brain storming session.


How  Effective  Are  Your  Online Sales  Funnels

More Than Indiscriminately Publishing Content  

When creating online lead generation systems, the process is significantly different than those used  to deploy a web site and a few social media pages.

Micro-targeted online lead generation finds relevant users in places where they frequent most. Cross-platform networks and multiple device types (including smart-devices) provide even greater insights about users, their habits and how they can be approached commercially.

Additionally, aggressive monitoring and analytics improve managerial and marketing decisions. Responsive online marketing systems allow new users interested in your business to flow to the best possible places within your overall sales funnel. 

Properly positioning your message online exposes your business to relevant audiences long before any “favorable user action” takes place. Use your web presence to amplify your message, micro target your audience and Increase sales conversions.

Contact us and let’s have an initial fact finding & brainstorming session about your online future

NuClix Digital Marketing – A Systematic Approach That Benefits You


Marketing Online with the goal of “business conversions” is more “systematic and formula driven” at its core. Attractive creatives and design enhances the process. Develop a strong online foundation that can adapt quickly to change.

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NuClix Digital Marketing
We Help Clients Achieve Online Results:

  • Mobile Advertising & Retargeting Campaigns
    (reach more prospects)
  • Facebook and Instagram Advertising & Retargeting Campaigns
    (magnify your brand)
  • Multi-Site & Geo-Targeted Online Advertising Campaigns
    (centralized campaign management)
  • Detailed Web Metrics and Analytics with Online Activity Assessments
    (clarity of web traffic behavior)
  • Laser -Targeted Lead Acquisition & Segmentation
    (customers personas defined, conversational tones identified)
  • Initial Online Campaign Development & Deployment with Goal Centric Consulting
    (no more guessing…make real progress)
  • Scaling of Existing Online Campaigns
    (brand magnification and revenue targeting for ROI)
  • Online Sales Funnel Development and Optimization
    (define a preferred sales path for users)

  • 1st Interaction Marketing Strategies
  • Dynamic and Responsive Return Path Development
  • Resonating Ad Copy for Post 1st Interaction Engagement
  • Diverse Multi-Channel Branding
  • Complete Website & UX Reviews
  • Time Decay Interaction Analysis


“Fred” (Unconfirmed) — March 8, 2017

Google rolled out what appeared to be a major update, with reports of widespread impacts across the SEO community. Gary Illyes jokingly referred to is as “Fred”, and the name stuck, but he later made it clear that this was not an official confirmation.

New, unconfirmed Google ranking update ‘Fred’ shakes the SEO world (SEL)

Did Google’s Fred update hit low-value content sites that focus on revenue, not users? (SEL)

Unnamed Major Update — February 6, 2017

Algorithm changes beginning on February 1st continued for a full week, peaking around February 6th (some reported the 7th).

Webmaster chatter and industry case studies suggest these were separate events.

The February 7, 2017 Google Algorithm Update – Analysis and Findings From A Significant Core Ranking Update (GSQi)

February 7th Google Algorithm Update Was Big (SER)

Unnamed Major Update — February 1, 2017

There was a period of heavy algorithm flux starting around February 1st and peaking around February 6th. It is unclear whether this was multiple algorithm updates or a single update with an extended roll-out, but anecdotal evidence suggests at least two updates.

Unconfirmed Google algorithm update may be better at discounting links and spam (SEL)

Intrusive Interstitial Penalty — January 10, 2017

Google started rolling out a penalty to punish aggressive interstitials and pop-ups that might damage the mobile user experience. Google also provided a rare warning of this update five months in advance. MozCast showed high temperatures from January 10-11, but many SEOs reported minimal impact on sites that should have been affected.

Google warns it will crack down on “intrusive interstitials” in January (SEL)

Official: Google Intrusive Interstitials Mobile Penalty Now Rolling Out (SER)


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